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Pico Technology

The Pico Difference

  The difference in the quality of a tattoo removal lies in the technology of the laser used. Just as you wouldn’t want to trust just any tattoo artist with an ink job, you wouldn’t want to trust just any laser with the removal! In the past, the most widely used method for tattoo removal … Continue reading "The Pico Difference"

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tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Whether you’re freshly inked, or you got your tattoo eons ago, you probably remember the artist giving you specific instruction for caring for your tattoo right after the procedure. Even people who’ve never gotten a tattoo generally know the basics: keep it covered, apply lotion, and avoid direct sunlight for a while. When you have … Continue reading "Tattoo Removal Aftercare"

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Tattoos through History [INFOGRAPHIC]

The art of tattooing has been a human practice for thousands of years. Throughout the ages this act of body modification has evolved in trend and tradition to build the rich history of tattooing that we can look back upon today.

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