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Getting a tattoo removed can be a little personal, so it’s nice to be able to trust your removal clinic. Here at Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal, we have both the most trustworthy and advanced staff in Southern California! Our skilled personnel utilize Pico Technology, the most advanced and effective technology in tattoo removal, to ensure that your problem tattoo is a thing of the past.

Absolute Tattoo has two clinics located in Southern California, both equipped with the state-of-the-art technology that you need. The Picoway and Picosure Technology is the most advanced technology in the field, utilizing immensely small bursts of energy to blast the ink particles. The smaller bursts of energy lead to smaller ink particles, which are easily and safely absorbed by the body.

Allow us to remove your worries and your tattoo with the assistance of our state of the art pain abatement techniques, ensuring that you feel as little discomfort as possible. We can use a wonderful cooling wand, icing procedures, or locally injected lidocaine for more sensitive tattoos to help you feel comfortable during and after your laser tattoo removal.

If you want to stop worrying about your problem tattoo and get on with your life, Absolute Laser Tattoo wants to help you! Absolute Tattoo removal prices start at as low as $200 per session and our technology requires fewer sessions than any other laser in the industry. Get a clean slate and fresh start with Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal! Call and schedule a free, no-obligation, custom quote today!

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