Different people have different reasons for getting a tattoo, many times some get tattoos of Asian characters. When someone wants these removed, they can be for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it is a mistranslation. A simple change in a single line can give totally a different meaning.

In this tattoo in the image, it is a character used in both Chinese and Japanese, and it is the image for Buddhist Karma, and in both language, it is also used for other works such as business, industry, work, profession and the meaning gets clearer based on how it is used. We cannot discuss anything else on why this tattoo was desired to be removed, nor do we need to know.

If you have a tattoo a foreign language and is not what you really wanted, or just thought it is no longer as you thought it was and wishes to remove it. It is possible. Go ahead a book an appointment today.

Leg Tattoo Removal Photos

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