There are instances wherein life will teach us a new lesson, and we would like it etched somewhere we can easily see. A great example would be having a chest tattoo. But what if you already have one and you do not have any intention to place a new tattoo on any other part of your body?

The solution is a tattoo removal and cover-up. As you can see in the image, an old tattoo that is designed with flat back ink was covered up with a large multi-color one. But before the cover-up, what happened is that the client underwent a tattoo removal session or two. And when the original design was somewhat faded, he had his old chest tattoo covered up with a growling bear surrounded by mountains and a butterfly.

If you deem that your old tattoo no longer represents you, you may opt to have it removed and covered with a new one. Just book an appointment today and we will take care of your tattoo removal needs!

Chest Tattoo Removal Photos

Tattoo Cover Up Photos

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