There are people who prefer to get a portrait tattoo of their loved ones. Some of the common tattoo designs are a mother’s face. However, there are instances in a person’s life wherein the desire to keep the tattoo changes. It can be because someone would prefer to keep his mother’s memory in his mind instead.

Take the image on the left as an example. The client’s tattoo is the face of a kind-looking woman with the words “One Love” around it. Although the color of the tattoo is not primarily black, it still covers quite a large area of the client’s deltoid. There is a big chance that the lower part of the tattoo is visible when he wears a t-shirt. It could also be one reason why the client would want it removed.

If you have a similar tattoo and you wished to have it removed for some reason, you can contact us today to book an appointment. Let Absolute Tattoo Removal handle your tattoo removal needs.

Arm Tattoo Removal Photos

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