A tattoo cover-up is ideal if you want to replace your old tattoo with a new one. More so if you have a large tattoo, such as in the image, and removing them entirely could be costly for you. Another reason could be that your old tattoo’s design is starting to fade. Luckily, these kinds of issues are easy to work on.

As you can see in the image, though, a large tattoo (that is primarily in black ink) is covered up with a new and colored design. A tattoo this big could take multiple sessions to be removed. So, the plausible solution could be to undergo the initial stages of a tattoo removal procedure in order for the old design to fade. From there, a tattoo artist can work on a new cover-up design.

If you have an old tattoo and you think that it is no longer the design that best represents you, you may want to consider a tattoo removal and cover-up. Book an appointment with us today!

Arm Tattoo Removal Photos

Tattoo Cover Up Photos

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