Aside from the shoulders, another popular body part to get a tattoo on is your upper back. For one, it is an ideal canvas for large and complex tattoo designs (just like in the image). Second, an upper back tattoo is concealable ‒ especially if your work does not allow employees with a tattoo.

However, your tattoo can fade over time and its design can look less striking. Just take a look at the image on the left. It is an upper back tattoo with somewhat an ambiguous design made in flat black in. It is possible that the design was ambiguous in the first place or that it becomes like that since the tattoo is starting to fade. As such, the client has decided to have it removed.

If you have a large upper back tattoo that is starting to fade, you can choose to do the same. Just give us a call to book a consultation and we will be glad to take care of your tattoo removal needs.

Back Tattoo Removal Photos

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