The art of tattooing has come a long way since the ink our grandfathers got while serving the Marines. No longer is it a symbol of military service, gang connections, or even necessarily rebellion. Tattoos are becoming more and more commonplace in restaurants, school campuses and even office settings. With this onset of popularity has come the knowledge that there’s enough monetary interest in tattooing to commit to some serious investments.

Pico Technology Laser

No matter how thorough you are about researching the perfect tattoo, there may come a time in your life where you want yours removed. This used to be nearly impossible, or both painful and too expensive to be considered a realistic option. That’s where Pico technology revolutionized everything we thought we knew about tattoo removal. Where most other laser removal treatments can take ten to twenty sessions to fully remove all the ink without permanently damaging your skin, Pico technology can do it in as little as one third of that time. Your results may vary depending on the size and complexity of your tattoo, but Pico technology has been proven to work on all kinds of ink.

Glow in the Dark or White Ink

Speaking of fun ink, no longer are you limited to the standard palette when it comes to getting your tattoo design done. Did you know you could get a glow in the dark tattoo? Typically referred to as UV tattoos, these designs will only show up under UV lights and you can have them in two different ways. The first gives you a cool invisible tattoo look – the design may be slightly red immediately after inking and remain a bit raised on your skin, but you can’t see the tattoo at all unless a UV light is shone directly on it. The second is a kind of color ink that reacts to UV lighting. These look exactly like standard tattoos, just with a twist. Under the same lighting they glow, adding a neat effect to an already awesome design. Whether you’re going for a stealth tattoo that’s only visible under certain circumstances or a little extra flair to an existing design, the invention of UV tattooing has definitely added to your growing number of inking options.

White ink tattoos are in the same family of alternatively colored designs, but you have to be a lot more careful when you have them done. It takes an artist that’s truly skilled in white ink to pull it off without your tattoo looking like nothing more than healed over scar tissue, and they require a lot more aftercare than traditional ink.

3D Printers are the New Tattoo Artists

In a world where cashiers are being replaced by self checkout stations and even fast food workers are being subbed for a digital interface, it looks like tattoo artists aren’t safe either. A prototype has already been built that would allow tattoos to be printed on your skin by a 3D printer rather than a human being, and the first tattoo has already been made with it. This is interesting tech with a lot of applications. If you live in an area that doesn’t have access to a variety of tattoo artists this may be a good solution. Artists who have client interests in other areas could also potentially sell access to their designs, increasing their income options. As a customer this means that if you saw a design by an artist in Russia that you simply had to have but you lived in Oklahoma, you wouldn’t be completely out of luck.

Live in the Future with Tech Tattoos

When it comes to merging the world of technology and tattoos, several roads have already been paved. In addition to UV tattooing, QR code tattoos are becoming more and more of a trend. So long as your artist is good enough, designs with very specific black and white markings can be inked on you so precisely that they can be scanned by a smart phone. Once scanned your phone’s internet browser can direct you to any link that the wearer likes, from your favorite song to your personal website. Talk about mobile advertising.

If you’re a fan of Bluetooth technology, you may be excited to hear that you no longer have to try and locate your headset any time you want to couple it with your phone or tablet. Recent innovations allow you to get a tattoo directly on your throat or neck that would allow you to connect to your mobile device from your skin. The tattoo would transfer your voice directly from your throat to the phone, allowing for a truly hands free experience.

Continuing with the trend of coupling mobile technology with tattoos, Nokia came up with an idea that may save us all a little bit of grief. We all know the pain of having missed a call because our phone was on vibrate in our pocket and we didn’t feel it. What if we never had to worry about missing a call again? Tattooing technology has been crafted to allow a tattoo to actually vibrate any time your phone rings, an alarm goes off, or when your battery was running low. The user would be able to specify the conditions in which their tattoo “went off,” or turn off the feature entirely.

As tattoos continue to grow in popularity and social acceptance, there’s no doubt that innovations in tattoo technology will do the same. Ten years ago things like vibrating tattoos and being able to remove an old ink job completely in three to five sessions were things of science fiction, yet here we are. For better or worse, the marriage of technology and tattooing seems to be here to stay.

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