Laser Tattoo Removal Results

Whether you’ve already tried to remove your unwanted tattoo or you’re just now deciding to take this major step, you probably have a few concerns about the results of tattoo removal. Our staff at Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal is here to promise you one thing: results. We have thousands of happy customers who have walked away from our office with a new smile and free of their old tattoo.


Other clinics offer laser tattoo removal, but the results are not always what are expected. The Q-Switched method utilized by other clinics does not offer the same amazing results that Pico Technology promises. Our Pico Technology promises better results in fewer treatments, allowing you to look better, faster with less risk of damage to your skin. The technology utilizes shorter bursts of energy, which blasts your ink into smaller, dust-like particles that your body is safely able to absorb and dispose of. With our cutting-edge technology and the help of your body, you can start seeing tattoo removal results in as little as one session!


We’re sure you’ve seen friend’s treatments where the results of tattoo removal (or lack thereof) don’t seem worth the money. Rest assured, many of our clients who have tried unsuccessfully the Q-Switched method have seen tremendous improvements with Pico Technology. We promise that our methods will lighten your tattoo better than other methods, making your unwanted ink literally fade away with your problems. Here at Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal, we think the best tattoo removal results are the ones you can’t see anymore. Come in to one of our offices in either San Diego or Hermosa Beach/Los Angeles to see the life-changing results for yourself! Have a clean slate and fresh start at Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal.

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