Laser Tattoo Removal

The two hardest parts of getting a tattoo removed:

1. Admitting to your parents that you’re removing the tattoo they warned you not to get in the first place.

2. Finding a tattoo removal service that you can trust. We’ll let you handle the first part, but trust Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal for the rest.


At Absolute Laser Tattoo removal, we offer the best and most advanced tattoo removal in Southern California. We utilize Pico Technology removal, an alternative to the outdated Q-Switched method that many tattoo removal clinics still utilize. The Pico Technology method releases energy in one picosecond, or one trillionth of a second. It is 1,000 times faster than what q-switched lasers use. This short but powerful amount of energy exposure is able to shatter the tattoo ink into miniscule particles, which the body is easily able to absorb and dispose of, all while seriously reducing burn risk and requiring fewer treatments. This is the best tattoo removal technology available, allowing you to feel confident in your decision.


Removing a tattoo doesn’t have to be a scary process. The proven Pico technology and our pain abatement procedures make sure that your laser tattoo removal is as safe, effective, and as painless as possible. The tattoo removal process is spaced out over multiple sessions, depending the size and quality of the tattoo. We offer on-site icing, the use of our magic cooling wand during the procedure, which help make our tattoo removal and tattoo lightening procedure the best laser tattoo removal service in Southern California. We’re confident that we know the best way to remove a tattoo and we want to share our confidence with you! Schedule an appointment for a free, no-obligation, custom quote today!

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