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Finding a good tattoo removal service is hard enough, but finding one near you could be even more difficult. Luckily for you, Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal has two locations in California so you can be sure of a location near you! Our offices are located in San Diego and Los Angeles, making us your go-to tattoo removal in Southern California.

Both our tattoo removal clinic in San Diego and our tattoo removal clinic in Hermosa Beach / Los Angeles specialize in Pico Technology. With two locations, we can properly take care of our patients and make sure that you always have a tattoo removal clinic near you. Tattoo removal requires multiple sessions to be effective, so having a local clinic to remove your tattoo could make all of the difference.

With our two tattoo removal locations, not only are we here for you, our tattoo removal staff is near to you too! No matter where you are in Southern California, you’re bound to be somewhere close to ink-free skin! Come in to either of our offices for a free, no-obligation, custom quote. Get a clean slate and fresh start at Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal!

There are lots of clinics that offer old, out of date Q-Switched technology. But few that offer the latest, state of teh art Pico technology.

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