The difference in the quality of a tattoo removal lies in the technology of the laser used. Just as you wouldn’t want to trust just any tattoo artist with an ink job, you wouldn’t want to trust just any laser with the removal! In the past, the most widely used method for tattoo removal was the Q-Switched laser, which is a Nano-second based laser. Nano-seconds seem like a short time in our lives, but to our skin a Nano-second of laser exposure is enough time to form a third-degree burn. The Q-Switched method utilized by many tattoo removal clinics is a technology that has been around since the 1960’s, and is the most often used method of tattoo removal.


No Guarantee

Tattoo artists deposit ink down to the second and ½ layer of skin, though the ink in the very top layer is what we see as the tattoo. The Q-Switched method works by focusing Nano-second length bursts of heat onto the very top layer of skin, burning the ink away from this layer. Though it gets rid of the ink on this layer and lightens the tattoo, it is unable to get deep into the deeper layer of the skin to remove all of the ink. This method removes the top layer of ink and leaves the deeper stuff behind, often leaving scars in the place of the top layer of ink. Though continued treatments could help to get some of the deeper ink, it is not guaranteed that the ink will rise to the top allowing the Q-Switched laser to remove it.


The Picosecond

Until a few years ago, this was the only laser tattoo removal technology available to us. Now, we have the pleasure of utilizing Pico Technology, a pico-based laser that has completely changed the game! The Picosecond is one/ one trillionth of a second, which is an enormous difference in time. The Pico Technology method targets all of the ink at the same time, rather than just the top layer. This means that rather than risking burning the skin to get rid of the ink, it gets rid of the ink so that you can love your skin again.


Since the Pico Technology lasers release energy in far shorter bursts than the Q-switched lasers, the risk of getting burned is almost zero. This is not the only benefit! The Pico Technology targets all of the ink at the same time, not just focusing on the top layer. When the immensely small bursts of energy hit the ink, the ink shatters into dust-like particles. These particles are small enough to be safely absorbed by the body, allowing for minimal recovery time. Because Pico Technology lasers shatter the deep ink particles rather than just burning the top layer, they are able to get rid of your tattoo in less treatments, saving you time and money.


Blowout Tattoo Removal

The Pico Technology is guaranteed to be faster, but just how long it will take depends on individual circumstances. The size of a tattoo, skin-type, and quality of a tattoo are all factors that can influence how many treatments are required. Sometimes when artists tattoo skin, they overfill the main chamber with ink. This causes ink to leak out into surrounding skin cells, otherwise known as a blowout. The Pico Technology lasers are able to remove this ink, though this is one of the factors that can extend removal time.


The Pico technology is capable of removing even the most problematic of colors and qualities of ink, often requiring less treatments than with the other method. Pico Technology has brought laser tattoo removal into the 21st century, and we’re never looking back.

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