Some tattoo enthusiasts believe that the hand is one of the best places to get inked. For one, it looks flashy and appealing. Second, it defines the person as someone who loves art. In fact, as you can see in the video, we have a patient who had a combination of words and artwork in flat black ink on his hand.

However, there are various reasons why you would want your hand tattoo removed. Whatever that is, you can have it removed in the fastest and painless way possible using the PicoWay laser technology. With a multi-wavelength of 1064 nm, 785 nm, 730 nm and 532 nm, PicoWay can treat tattoos of various sizes and colors, including those that are proven to be resistant to nanosecond laser treatment.

So, if you have a hand tattoo that you wanted to remove, but you don’t want to spend multiple sessions, then call our San Diego or Hermosa Beach clinics today to book your free consultation.

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