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PicoWay with Dr. Payman Simoni

PicoWay with Dr. Payman Simoni on The Doctors

According to Dr. Travis Stork, love can impact our decision making ‒ including getting a tattoo. However, not every person who would tattoo their significant other’s name somewhere in their body gets to have a happy ending. Just like what happened to the lady in the video named Sasha.


She had the name of her boyfriend tattooed on her belly to prove her love to him. However, the boyfriend was not pleased about it and broke up with her. So, she opted to have it covered up but to no avail. This is where Dr. Payman Simoni, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, introduces the PicoWay laser technology. And according to the patient, the discomfort coming from the laser is manageable.


If you’re like Sasha and would want to leave your past relationship behind and move on with confidence, give Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal a call and we would be happy to help you with your tattoo removal needs.

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