Anyone who has tattoos has heard this type of question countless times. I don’t think there has been a single person who has seen my tattoos who has not stopped to ask me their significance. The truth is, all of my tattoos are simply images I thought were beautiful that I felt I would be proud to show off on my body. Each does signify something special to me (more specifically an event) that I felt helped mold me into the person I am today. Each is worn as a badge of sorts, keeping my experiences relevant and at the forefront of my present life… but I don’t ever share their specific stories with anyone.

“What does the tattoo represent to you?”

Kelly's Tattoo BeforeThe tattoo I would like to have removed is a hand holding a tarot card, the Nine of Cups. This is a cup card that represents happiness and fulfillment. Having this card tattooed on my body is still very important to me, in fact, as soon as the tattoo removal process is complete I plan to try again and get a very similar tattoo to replace it. The issue with my current design is only the size and the way it fits my arm . When I originally scheduled my appointment it was for a tattoo half the size that would fit nicely on only my forearm. Once at my appointment, my artist and I discussed the detail in the design and agreed it would have to be bigger to look as best as it could. In hindsight, I wish I had simplified the design and kept it the size I originally wanted so that it would flow a little more nicely on my body. Sadly, my current tattoo is not something I am proud to show off, which is why I am so excited I am not stuck with it forever.

I’ve done a lot of research on tattoo removal and actually feel like I am
Front Door fairly well informed. It is all of my research and countless hours looking for the perfect tattoo removal office that have led me to Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal in Hermosa Beach. I’ve done a lot of research on the types of lasers that are used for tattoo removal and feel most confident and comfortable with the lasers used at their facility. It is my understanding that these lasers not only workfaster, but cause less scaring and damage which were two of my initial concerns when considering having this tattoo removed.


I am looking forward to getting things started and sharing my experiences on this blog. I will be detailing the process, so please follow my journey if you are curious or considering laser tattoo removal for yourself.

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