Are you one of the millions of people who have “that one tattoo” you wish you didn’t?

There are many reasons that people choose laser tattoo removal, but the one thing that everyone who makes the decision has in common is that they want it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Luckily, Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal specializes in giving you the Clean Slate Fresh Start™ you desire and deserve! We promise you a clean and medically sanitized facilities, a skilled and expertly-trained team to assist you through the process and the best technology in the industry today, ensuring that you will be comfortable with your treatment and happy with the results! We only use PicoWay technology, the latest, most advanced technology in tattoo removal to ensure that you get the results that you need in a reasonable amount of time.

Our PicoWay laser is superior to all other lasers in the industry and will ensure that your removal process will be safe, effective and as fast as possible. At Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal, we are so proud of our results and eager to show you how well the removal process works that we offer a complimentary consultation!

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Clean Slate, Fresh Start™

PicoWay Laser

Our staff and facilities are incredible, but what really sets us apart from the rest is our PicoWay Laser. Before recent technological advancements, tattoo removal lasers were very ineffective and painful. The blasts of heat from the laser would often result in scarring, and much of the ink still remained. This left many customers frustrated, as they would be trading their unwanted tattoo in for an unsightly scar and/or skin discoloration.

Here at Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal we only use the PicoWay technology, which is proven to be far safer and more effective than the old Q-Switched laser methods.

Most medical salons, spas and doctors’ offices still use the old and outdated Q-Switched technology. This old technology utilizes thermal energy and heat to attempt to “melt” the ink away. In contrast, Picosecond technology focuses extremely short yet powerful bursts of energy into the tattoo, shattering the ink into tiny dust-like particles which are easily absorbed by the body. This method reduces the contact that the laser has with the skin and allows your body to safely eliminate the ink, significantly reducing the risk of harming your skin. The energy from the state of the art PicoWay laser is 1,000 times faster and more powerful than the old Q-Switched lasers, so you can be confident that your tattoo will be safely removed in less time and with less discomfort!

World’s first and only laser with 4 true picosecond wavelengths: 532 nm, 730 nm, 785 nm, & 1064nm

Highest peak power and shortest picosecond pulses for less risk of side effects

Works on all skin tones

Factors that determine tattoo removal success

If you’re thinking of removing your tattoo with laser treatments, you may find yourself with more questions than you have answers. The first thing many clients want to know is how many treatments it will take to fully remove their tattoo and how much it will cost. The answer to these questions are affected by many different factors. Only a consultation with an experienced professional can provide you with an accurate answer. Age and location of the tattoo, colors, density of ink, the type of ink used on the tattoo, as well as the skin tone and sensitivity of the client all factor into the art and science of tattoo removal.

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Color Tattoo Removal

Color of the Tattoo

Did you know that the color of your tattoo plays a large role in how easy it is to remove? Different laser wavelengths are needed to remove different colors of ink. It is all based on the concept of light absorption. The relationship between wavelengths and targeting specific colors is essential for proper tattoo removal. Wavelengths are the key to safely and effectively removing unwanted ink. Your laser specialist will need multiple laser wavelengths to achieve complete clearance of your tattoo. The PicoWay laser is the only laser in the tattoo removal industry to have 4 true Picosecond wavelengths and multiple hand pieces to maximize your treatment options. In general, black, brown and dark blue inks are easier to remove. Red, orange, yellow, and greens — and the increasingly popular white inks — are some of the hardest to remove completely. In fact, a few years ago it would have been impossible to remove some tattoos made up of these colors. Now, with the state of the art PicoWay Laser, these stubborn inks can often be removed without a problem.

What You Should Know:

The age of the tattoo can make a big difference in the removal process. As a general rule, the newer your tattoo, the longer it will take to fully remove. Your body treats tattoo ink as a foreign substance, and over time your cells send agents to slowly eat at this invader. This is why older tattoos look faded at the edges, and can appear blurry as they age. With older ink, the body has already done some of the tattoo removal work in its own natural way, leaving less work for the lasers. Fresh tattoos will need more treatments to fully dissolve. Previously treated tattoos will also require special attention from our Laser Specialist because of the skin damage and scaring caused by over-treating with ineffective lasers in an attempt to remove unwanted ink.

Behind Ear Tattoo Removal

Everyone is Different

Your success with laser treatments will differ, depending on factors related to your health, your skin, and the tattoo itself. Technological developments like Picosecond technology make it easier to provide treatments in the face of potential complications. As tattoo culture continues to expand around the world, the tattoo removal industry is constantly evolving to find new and better ways to treat different skin types and ink types. The only way you will know exactly how many treatments you will need for the complete removal of your ink is to make an appointment with one of our trained specialists.

Previous Scarring

Although there is a misconception that laser tattoo removal will result in an unsightly scar. In reality, scars noticed as the ink is removed are often a result of the original tattoo application.

We have a solution! The PicoWay Laser can not only remove the unwanted ink from the tattoo but with the PicoWay Resolve 532 nm handpiece, which has a scar treatment application, it can help soften scarring and skin damage. The Resolve is known in the industry to be incredibly effective on skin rejuvenation, it is used to treat skin damaged from tattoo applications and on scars caused by previously treated tattoos with the old thermal Q-Switched Lasers. Ask your Laser Specialist for more details.

What questions do you have about removing your unwanted tattoo? We’d love to chat with you and find the best treatment possible.

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