Generally, praying hands tattoo design represents faith and a person’s strong dedication to his religion. Some would even accompany it with pictures of a dove, a rose, the rosary, a Bible verse, the name of a loved one, or initials just in the image on the left. Moreover, it is placed in large areas of the body such as the deltoid.

However, praying hands tattoo could be one of those you wish you didn’t have. It can be due to a change of faith. It could also mean that you were able to get past through your struggles through faith, with or without the tattoo. Regardless, this kind of tattoo design can be removed using the PicoWay laser. Be it black, multi-colored, or a tattoo that has been resistant to nanosecond laser treatment.

The good news? PicoWay tattoo removal is safe for all skin types. So if you are looking for a tattoo removal process with a minimal adverse effect on your skin, Absolute Tattoo Removal is here to help.

Arm Tattoo Removal Photos

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