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Q-Switch Removed Tattoo Improved by PicoWay

Q-Switch Removed Tattoo Improved by PicoWay Laser

There are various reasons why a person would want his or her tattoo removed. First, it can be because he or she just made a rash decision. It is also possible that your tattoo design got ruined. Your tattoo could also be the reason you cannot get a job so you have no choice.


Luckily, there are tattoo removal options available like the Q-switch Laser. The only problem? It requires multiple sessions, can cause significant discomfort, and cannot completely remove your old tattoo. Hence, if you want to have a fresh start with a clean slate, you can opt to undergo PicoWay laser treatment. That’s because it can treat a gamut of tattoos.


If you want to completely remove your tattoo after a failed Q-switch laser treatment, the PicoWay is what you need. Give us a call today to book an appointment, and let us take care of tattoo removal needs.

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