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Wrist Tattoo – Beauty & Wisdom Removed

Wrist Tattoo - Beauty & Wisdom Removed

Many centuries ago, a wrist tattoo is believed to keep someone from illness. Usually, these could be curses that witches threw at you. Over the years, wrist tattoos have become popular among seafarers who would tattoo the nautical star to help them navigate. Nowadays, it is commonly used to drive inspiration.


However, during the 50s and 60s, having a wrist tattoo often resulted in stigmatization brought about by homophobia. Although having a wrist tattoo is no longer associated with gender identification these days, there is the possibility that you are sending out the wrong message with your chosen design. Hence, it is important that you know what a tattoo design means before making it permanent on your wrist.


Nonetheless, you can always give Absolute Tattoo Removal a call if you want your wrist tattoo removed for some reason. Contact our San Diego or Hermosa Beach clinics today to book an appointment!

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