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Kandice A.

Marketing Representative and Patient Coordinator

Kandice is the Marketing Representative and Patient Coordinator for Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal. She began her career as a Veterinary Technician for 6 years before getting into tattoo removal. As an avid collector of tattoos, she’s found a perfect niche to be able to display them and promote improved tattoos with Absolute. Kandice loves to travel and seek out National Parks, but is also perfectly content cuddling with her 2 dogs at home. Kandice also takes pride in her growing tarantula collection. Kandice understands the importance of tattoo removal and is the perfect example of someone who is intrigued by getting tattoos along with the process of removing or lightening them. Kandice still applies her Veterinary technical skills in the animal field a few times a month in conjunction with her other passion of tattoos.