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DocWeb Features PicoSure

DocWeb Features Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal PicoSure Video

Back in 2015, DocWeb included one of our tattoo removal videos on their YouTube channel. As you can see in the video, we were using the PicoSure laser technology to remove a small but multi-colored tattoo on a patient’s deltoid. Hence, the tattoo can be removed without burning sensitive or vulnerable tissue.


PicoSure is an FDA-approved laser technology used for tattoo removal. It releases the same quantity of energy as Q-switch, but it produces the least heat. Moreover, it dissolves ink particles into finer portions, making it quick and easy for the skin to absorb the ink. The results are thorough tattoo removal, shorter treatment sessions, less skin damage. In fact, this technology is also used to treat acne scars!


If you have a multi-color tattoo, and you are hesitant that a tattoo removal might damage your skin, contact Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal and we will be happy to guide through our tattoo removal process.

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